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Tree pollen allergy season in Canada Allergies

A Guide to Tree Pollen Allergies in Canada

Read our Canadian tree pollen guide to learn everything you need to know about pollen types, related symptoms, relief and more.

DIY Kleenex tissue box craft ideas for kids Art and Craft

Cool Ways to Reuse Empty Kleenex® Tissue Boxes

Check out step-by-step tissue box craft tutorial to turn empty Kleenex® tissue boxes into terrific DIY art & craft projects for kids.

DIY desk organizer made of empty Kleenex tissue boxes Art and Craft

Upcycled DIY Desk Organizer Made with Empty Tissue Boxes

Don’t just throw your empty Kleenex® tissue boxes away! Instead, turn them into a fun and practical desk organizer with this step-by-step DIY tutorial.

DIY how to make tissue paper flowers with Kleenex Art and Craft

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Learn how to make tissue paper flowers out of Kleenex® tissues in minutes with this easy step-by-step DIY tutorial.

How to make Kleenex tissue box covers Art and Craft

How to make DIY Kleenex Tissue Box Covers

Want to add some personalization to your Kleenex® tissue boxes that match your home décor? Learn how to make custom box covers inside.

get-well care packages ideas for a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or family member Cold and Flu

Get Well Care Package Ideas

When a friend or loved one is feeling under the weather, here are some get well care package ideas that will surely bring a smile to their face.

how to get rid of running nose Cold and Flu

How to Stop a Runny Nose

Got a runny nose? Here are some tips on how you can find comfort and relief, so you can feel like yourself again.

Stuffy nose remedies to unblock a nasal congestion fast Cold and Flu

How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose

Learn about nasal congestion, the best ways to clear a stuffy nose and why Kleenex® Soothing Lotion™ tissues would come in handy!

Bathroom essentials checklist Home Essentials

Bathroom Essentials Checklist

Upgrade your bathroom and turn it into an inviting oasis with this ultimate bathroom essentials checklist from Kleenex® Canada.

Guest Bedroom + Bathroom Essentials Checklist Home Essentials

Guest Room Essentials Checklist

Make your guests feel welcome and right at home by following our checklist of must-have essentials for your guest room and bathroom.

Back to School Supplies List for Elementary & Middle School Students

The Ultimate Back-to-School Supplies Checklist for Elementary & Middle School Students

Prepare your kid for a great new year in elementary or middle school with this ultimate back-to-school shopping checklist from Kleenex®!

Back to School Supplies List for High School Students

The Ultimate Back-to-School Supplies Checklist for High School Students

Planning for back-to-school shopping? Use this checklist to ensure your child has everything to start a great new year in high school!

Tips to survive winter allergies Allergies

Understanding Winter Allergies: Everything you need to know

Learn everything about winter allergies, the common triggers and how Kleenex® Soothing Lotion™ tissues can help soothe the symptoms!

Pollen Trees Allergies

The Pollen Calendar

Wondering which pollens peak each month? Check our pollen calendar to find out when pollens are most present throughout the year!

Different types of pollen allergies Allergies

Types of Pollen

There are many different types of pollen present in Canada. Find out when tree, grass and weed pollen peak and how to identify them?

A girl enjoying picnic during hay fever allergy season Allergies

Hay Fever Symptoms and Signs

Hay fever symptoms vary from sneezes & coughs to headaches and is often confused with cold. Learn how to spot the signs of hay fever!