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A woman stands outside and sneezes into a Kleenex tissue Allergies

Guide to Tree Pollen Allergies

Read our tree pollen guide to learn everything you need to know about pollen types, related symptoms, relief and more.

Completed fire station Kleenex tissue box craft Art and Carft

Cool Ways to Reuse Empty Kleenex® Tissue Boxes

Check out step-by-step tissue box craft tutorial to turn empty Kleenex® tissue boxes into terrific DIY art & craft projects for kids.

A DIY desk organizer made of recycled Kleenex tissue boxes Art and Carft

Upcycled DIY Desk Organizer Made with Empty Tissue Boxes

Don’t just throw your empty Kleenex® tissue boxes away! Instead, turn them into a fun and practical desk organizer with this step-by-step DIY tutorial.

DIY paper flowers made out of Kleenex in a vase next to a box of Kleenex tissues Art and Carft

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Learn how to make tissue paper flowers out of Kleenex® tissues in minutes with this easy step-by-step DIY tutorial.

A sticky note on a cork board that reads "get well soon" Cold and Flu

Get Well Care Package Ideas

When a friend or loved one is feeling under the weather, here are some get well care package ideas that will surely bring a smile to their face.

A sick woman sneezes into a Kleenex tissue Cold and Flu

How to Stop a Runny Nose

Got a runny nose? Here are some tips on how you can find comfort and relief, so you can feel like yourself again.

Woman blows her nose into a tissue in her bedroom Cold and Flu

How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose

Is your nose feeling stuffy? Learn more about nasal congestion and how you can comfort yourself with Kleenex® tissues and other home remedies.

Picture of bathroom essentials with a box of Kleenex tissues Home Essentials

Bathroom Essentials Checklist

Upgrade your bathroom and turn it into an inviting oasis with this ultimate bathroom essentials checklist from Kleenex®.

Picture of bedroom essentials with a box of Kleenex tissues Home Essentials

Guest Room Essentials Checklist

Make your guest room comfortable and inviting by following our checklist of must-have essentials for your bedroom and bathroom from Kleenex®.

Tissue box sitting next to an open book on a table Back to School

Let your imagination run free

It’s time to get creative with your empty Kleenex® boxes. Learn how to give an empty Kleenex® box a 2nd life by transforming it with the entire family!

A Kleenex box, a tablet, a stack of books, and a backpack full of school supplies sit on a table Back to School

Your School Supply List Guide for Back to School Season

Help your child get off to a good start to a new school year with these handy back to school checklists from Kleenex®.

Tips to survive winter allergies Allergies

Understanding Winter Allergies: Everything you need to know

Learn everything about winter allergies, the common triggers and how Kleenex® Soothing Lotion™ tissues can help soothe the symptoms!

Does weather Affect allergy Allergies

Does Weather Affect Allergy Symptoms?

Learn how different types of weather may be affecting your allergy symptoms.

dustallergytitle image Allergies

Are you Allergic to Dust?

Are you allergic to dust? Probably not! Your allergies aren't really down to household dust, they are caused by pesky dust mites. Learn more here.

seasonalallergy title image Allergies

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms and Signs

Seasonal allergy symptoms vary from sneezes and coughs to headaches, becoming more severe when the pollen count is high. Spot the signs and symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Tips to survive winter allergies Allergies

Advice for Managing Hay Fever in Children

Hay fever can be tough on the best of us, but for children it can particularly hard. Kleenex® and Allergy UK share their advice on helping children manage their hay fever.

Tips to survive winter allergies Allergies

Beware of the Dog... Allergy

Man's best friend, or foe? Dog allergies can be debilitating, especially if you have a furry friend living with you at home. Learn more about dog allergies here.

Tips to survive winter allergies Allergies

Dr. Chrissie Jones: Anxiety & Allergies

Stress and anxiety are closely linked to allergies, not only potentially leading to their development, but also playing a role in making symptoms worse. Find out more with Kleenex®.

Tips to survive winter allergies Allergies

Going Outdoors with Allergies

For seasonal allergy sufferers, the outdoors can be daunting. Learn how to cope with Kleenex®.

Tips to survive winter allergies Allergies

Look What the Cat Dragged In: An Allergy

Do you or a family member have a cat allergy? Learn all about allergies to our furry friends here.

Tips to survive winter allergies Allergies

Top Hay Fever Hacks

Learn how to balance your hay fever symptoms and hygiene with Kleenex® Brand's hay fever tips.

Tips to survive winter allergies Allergies

Ways to Exercise Outside with Allergies

Struggle with hay fever when exercising outside? Check out these tips from our partners at Allergy UK on ways to manage symptoms when exercising outside.